With more than 14 years of environmental actions - BYEI has empowered young people from all over Bangladesh.

schools reached from 8 divisions of Bangladesh
youth educated and trained on environmental leadership
Earth Clubs established all over Bangladesh

Time to act
is now

The planet Earth that we call our home is sick…

…due to the environment degrading human activities. We need to reimagine and reset our development pathway to a more ecologically balanced, sustainable and resilient one. To do that, we need bold thinking and courageous actions that can come from youth who are the leaders of today and tomorrow.

How are we nurturing the future Planetary Stewards

Earth Champions Program

Our signature environmental stewardship program to equip youth of Bangladesh with knowledge and leadership capacity to be agents of change.

National Earth Olympiad

Bangladesh's first Earth Science Olympiad organized to create greater enthusiasm and interest among high school students.

Earth Policy Dialogue

A series of seminars, symposiums & conferences, bringing together promising young leaders and leading experts for intergenerational knowledge exchange.

Join in our journey to a resilient Earth.

"The new generation will have to responsibly bear the repercussions of the damages done to our mother Earth. They need to question the current exploitative paths of development by choosing the path of less consumption and more protection for sustainable development."
Syeda Rizwana Hasan
CEO, Bangladesh Envionmental Lawyers Association (BELA)