17-20 February, 2024 Earth 360° Fest Accelerating Green Innovation through Youth Entrepreneurship AGIYE 2.0 Educating Future Scholars, Policy-makers and Practitioners National earth olympiad Developing the Next Generation of Planetary Stewards Earth Champions Program

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TUESDAY  |  20 FEB, 2024  |  4 PM

Earth 360° Dialogue

This critical dialogue about the fate of our rivers will seek to delve into as economic development surges, are we witnessing the demise of these life-giving waterways? Renowned environmental layer, conservation practitioners, and civil society leaders engage in a frank discussion about pollution, encroachment, and the impact on river-dependent life and livelihoods. Explore the complex interplay of economic success, political choices, and governance failures in this crisis. Can we reconcile progress with environmental responsibility? Witness diverse perspectives collide as we seek solutions to restore our rivers – and our relationship with them.

Syeda Rizwana Hasan



Syeda Rizwana Hasan is a lawyer and CEO, Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association (BELA). She tackled dangerous shipbreaking practices, winning landmark legal battles. A Goldman & Magsaysay laureate, she's a tireless champion for environmental justice and workers' rights.

Dr. Mokhlesur Rahman

Executive Director, CNRS


Dr. Mukhlesur Rahman, the Executive Director at the Center for Natural Resource Studies (CNRS), spearheads one of Bangladesh's foremost pro-environmental NGOs. With CNRS since its inception in 1994, Dr. Rahman has been instrumental in driving innovative approaches and tangible outcomes in environmental studies. He aims to influence national development strategies towards sustainable environmental practices in Bangladesh.

Sharif Jamil

Coordinator, Waterkeepers Bangladesh

Sharif Jamil, the Buriganga Riverkeeper and head of Waterkeepers Bangladesh, is one of Bangladesh’s most outspoken and impassioned environmental advocates, leading a country-wide campaign to avert an environmental catastrophe for the country’s 165 million people, who are already suffering the effects of climate change and sea-level rise more than any other people on earth.

Sheikh Rokon

Founder, Riverine People


Sheikh Rokon is a river researcher, writer, and traveler. He is the founder and general secretary of the Riverine People, a Dhaka-based NGO advocating for rivers, wetlands, and water resources. His expertise lies in transboundary river issues, youth engagement, and riverine community culture. Sheikh Rokon is also an Adjunct Faculty at Jahangirnagar University and Assistant Editor at Daily Samakal.

In the last 14 years, BYEI has empowered young people with consciousness & capacity for climate & environmental actions.

youth alumni who have received climate & environmental stewardship training
academic institutions across 64 districts have been engaged to sensitize 500,000+ youth
Earth Clubs are established & supported all over Bangladesh

Ongoing Program

Let's celebrate our rivers with
Date: 17-20 February, 2024

Venue: Bishwo Shahitto Kendro, Banglamotor, Dhaka

Time to act
is now

The planet Earth that we call our home is sick…

…due to the environment degrading human activities. We need to reimagine and reset our development pathway to a more ecologically balanced, sustainable and resilient one. To do that, we need bold thinking and courageous actions that can come from youth who are the leaders of today and tomorrow.

How are we nurturing the future Planetary Stewards

Earth Champions Program

Our signature environmental stewardship program to equip youth of Bangladesh with knowledge and leadership capacity to be agents of change.

National Earth Olympiad

Bangladesh's first Earth Science Olympiad organized to create greater enthusiasm and interest among high school students.

Earth 360°

The Earth 360° is an annual festival of arts that brings both amateur and professional visual storytellers to present thought-provoking ideas on environmental issues.


Accelerating Green Innovation through Youth Entrepreneurship (AGIYE) is the ‘green’ acceleration program of BYEI for marginalized youth in climate-vulnerable communities.

Earth Policy Dialogue

A series of seminars, symposiums & conferences, bringing together promising young leaders and leading experts for intergenerational knowledge exchange.

Join in our journey for a more just & sustainable future.

"The new generation will have to responsibly bear the repercussions of the damages done to our mother Earth. They need to question the current exploitative paths of development by choosing the path of less consumption and more protection for sustainable development."
Syeda Rizwana Hasan
CEO, Bangladesh Envionmental Lawyers Association (BELA)