National Environmental Olympiad 2015

The Olympiad

What is NEO?

The National Earth Olympiad or NEO aims to educate and create awareness about interconnected environmental issues among the younger generation, and to nurture the talents of young Bangladeshi high school students for environmental leadership.

Who is eligible?

All school/college students enrolled in classes 8 to 12 and private candidates of equivalent levels are eligible to participate.

Why you should apply?

  • Learn about local and global environmental challenges
  • Develop your leadership skills to become a change-maker and lead actions in your community and beyond
  • Become a part of the nationwide network of 500+ NEO Alumni
  • Opportunity to represent Bangladesh at the 10th IESO (International Earth Science Olympiad) in Japan

Organized by

Bangladesh Youth Environmental Initiative

NEO 15 Theme - Clean Water for Sustainable Development

While ensuring clean water is a challenge at present, ensuring a continuing source of clean water for the future is an even bigger challenge.In the context of Bangladesh, a large population of people are still dealing with the lack of access to clean water. Aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations, NEO’15 aims to promote the importance of clean water. Theme for NEO 2015 is “Clean Water for Sustainable Development".

The Rounds

The Divisional Round

This year’s divisional rounds will take place on 26 December 2015 in 8 divisional cities. The paper will be 1 hour long, consisting of 80 multiple choice questions.

Green Day Training

After making through the divisional round, toppers from each division will receive Green Day Training (GDT), a training session dedicated to nurture the leadership skills of the participants and instill the importance of environmental concerns in them.

NEO Festival

After completing GDT, all the divisional toppers will join the NEO festival which will be held in Dhaka. The NEO Festival will include the final round of NEO '15 along with interactive sessions with top environmental experts - to facilitate a bridge between experts and future leaders.


The opportunity that awaits for the top four of the final round is to represent Bangladesh in the International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO). This time, toppers of NEO '15 will be sent to the 10th IESO that will be held in Mie Prefecture of Japan next year.


To do well in first round, we highly recommend participants read all the materials provided in the resource sections.


1. Who is eligible?
All school/college students enrolled in classes 8 to 12 and private candidates of equivalent levels are eligible to participate in NEO. However, in case of International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO), their rules and regulation states that previous medals winners at the IESO cannot participate again. Also, applicant needs to be under 18.
2. How can I participate if NEO is not taking place in my district?
NEO'15 will be taking place in Barisal, Chittagong, Dhaka, Mymensingh, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Khulna and Sylhet. You can register and participate under any of the above districts as per your convenience.
3. Can private candidates, SSC/HSC, O/A level appeared examinees participate?
Yes. However, one will not be eligible for IESO if they are 18+.
4. What is the application process?
Register online at or register through the NEO Ambassador in you school.
5. What preparations should you take to excel?
The content of the questions for 1st round will be mostly based on the book "High School Earth Science" from wikibooks (link has been provided in the resources page). Check the syllabus and sample questions to do well.
6. What is the language for NEO question paper?
Questions will be in English but translation of necessary terminology will be provided.
7. What are the details of the Green Day Training (GDT)?
Top participants from each division will have an opportunity to attend GDT after the NEO divisional round. The participants will be provided with knowledge on interconnected environmental issues through simulation, games and puzzle. The participants will also be introduced to the basic concept of leadership and tools necessary to exercise leadership.
8. What are the details on IESO?
The next IESO i.e. the 10th International Earth Science Olympiad will take place in Mie Prefecture of Japan, on 20-28 August 2016.
9. If a participant is selected for the national round, would they be given the travel allowance? Would they get accommodation?
No, participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangement.
10. Would all the participants get NEO certificates?
There will be certificate of participation for all. However, there will be special certificate of recognition and awards for top 20-25 participants of each division.


The Organizer

Bangladesh Youth Environmental Initiative is established as a youth nonprofit organisation working to raise environmental awareness, build youth capacity, and nurture the next generation of leaders for socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable development of Bangladesh.

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