Educating future scholars, policy-makers and practitioners to generate knowledge and provide thought leadership for a sustainable future.

“Our house is on fire!” We homo sapiens are facing the greatest challenge right now: Ecological crisis and climate emergency. IPCC warns that we are less than 12 years away from not being able to undo our mistakes. Bangladesh will be one of the first countries to confront the adverse effects of climate change. Our soil, water and air are polluted, forests and biodiversity diminished, natural resources are degraded.

While our leadership is failing our future, we cannot wait to act. We are at a time in history where our empowered youth must speak out and act. We believe a new generation of enlightened, conscious, and committed young citizens with global mindset and actions can bring back the ecological balance in nature for harmonious development of human civilization and create a more just, fair, sustainable, and resilient world.

What is NEO

National Earth Olympiad (NEO) is an education and knowledge movement to mainstream earth and environmental science education in Bangladesh. NEO aims to educate, inspire, and nurture future scholars, policymakers, and practitioners to generate necessary knowledge and provide thought leadership for a more just, fair and sustainable Bangladesh and world. Through a national level Olympiad competition that takes place across Bangladesh, NEO instills curiosity and develops consciousness about ongoing environmental concerns among the younger generation and nurtures their talents to help them become agents of positive change in the society.


NEO competition impart earth and environmental science knowledge


Green Day Training helps develop leadership skills and install motivation to take environmental action


NEO engages alumni in action projects in their communities

The theme for the NEO 2022 is “Tackling the Biodiversity Crisis: Youth Stewardship for an Ecological Civilization”. Life and wellbeing of the people on Planet earth depends on the health of the nature and ecosystems. As a civilization, we cannot thrive without a healthy ecosystem. But over the last century, there was a staggering level of destruction of forests, waterbodies and overexploitation of natural resources. This has resulted in rapid acceleration in rates of extinction of species resulting in disruption in the entire ecosystem and the services it provides.

The NEO 2022 is a call for action for tackling this biodiversity crisis through mainstreaming the knowledge and youth stewardship for an ecological civilization.

Impact of NEOs

Launched in 2012, NEO took place 7 times engaging 10,000+ students and established contacts with 250+ schools across 8 divisions in Bangladesh. The Olympiad consists of divisional round and national round exams, and a specially designed environmental leadership workshop popularly known as GDT or Green Day Training. Through GDT, we have trained 600+ students on environmental leadership till today.

Until now, our participants have earned 3 silver medals and 10 bronze medals in the International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO).


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