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The National Earth Olympiad 2020 kicked off with the Divisional Round on 19 December. A total of 578 out of 1200+ registrations from more than 150 institutions across 8 divisions of the country participated in the divisional round.

Bangladesh Youth Environmental Initiative, with support of the partners and special thanks to our technology partner, Hootum, was able to conduct the whole event virtually through a newly developed online system. The students sat for a 90 mins online exam to answer questions on five major earth science topics that include Astronomy, Meteorology, Geology, Oceanography, Hydrology, and environmental sciences.

Students were high schoolers from classes 8 to 12. They took preparation with a provided syllabus and performed well in the exam too. The selected participants are now looking forward to the Green Day Training to be held in January 2021.

GDT is a specially designed workshop to impart an understanding of interconnected environmental issues through interactive games, puzzles, simulations, etc. It also helps young citizens develop their leadership skills and instill motivation to act on tackling the local and global environmental issues. This year too, the session will bring together and educate young enthusiasts with experts in the field, in the view of the NEO 2020 theme: Building forward Better: Toward a Sustainable and Resilient World.

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