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NEO is an education and knowledge movement to mainstream earth and environmental science education in Bangladesh. NEO aims to educate, inspire, and nurture future scholars, policymakers, and practitioners to generate necessary knowledge and provide thought leadership for a more just, fair and sustainable Bangladesh and world.


All school/college students enrolled in classes 8 to 12 and private candidates of equivalent levels are eligible to participate.


  • Learn about local and global environmental challenges
  • Develop your leadership skills and lead actions in your community and beyond
  • Become a part of the nationwide network of 600+ NEO Alumni
  • Opportunity to represent Bangladesh in the International Earth Science Olympiad 2021 in Russia.

Online Exam

December 19, 2020

This year’s theme for the National Earth Olympiad is ‘Building Forward Better: Toward a Sustainable and Resilient Future’. As the world grapples with the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to ensure that the global focus does not shift away from climate change and environmental degradation. IPBES report suggests that further human ecological disruption will make global pandemics more likely. Hence, we will have to restore ecological balance and reduce anthropogenic global environmental change to prevent future pandemics.

NEO 2020 will focus on the concept of ‘One Health’ exploring the linkage among ecological disruption, global climate change and public health for a more sustainable and resilient future in a COVID-19 altered world.

The Journey


December 19, 2020

The online exam will be around one hour long, consisting of approximately 50-60 multiple choice questions.


January 1-15, 2021

GDT is a highly interactive day-long workshop designed to introduce the participants to inter-connected environmental concerns and debates to instil motivation of becoming problem solvers.


January 23, 2021

Divisional toppers will sit for the National Round. Top 30 participants will be selected for the Bangladesh National Team Selection Exam. Divisional toppers will sit for the National Round. Top 30 participants will participate in the Bangladesh National Team Selection Exam.

Bangladesh National Team Selection Exam

February 13, 2021

Top 30 from the National Round will participate in this exam. Four toppers will go through a rigorous training camp for participating in the International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO).

14th International Earth Science Olympiad

August 2021

The top four will have the opportunity to represent Bangladesh in the 14th International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO) that will take place in Tyumen, Russia.


To do well in  NEO, we highly recommend participants read all the materials provided in the resource sections.


School/college students enrolled in classes 8 to 12 or private candidates of equivalent levels are eligible to participate in NEO. However, in case of the International Earth Science Olympiad (IESO), their rules and regulations state that previous medal winners at the IESO cannot participate again and to compete for medals at IESO, you must be under the age of 19 by 01 July of the year of the IESO.

The questions for the 1st round are mostly based on the book “High School Earth Science”, you can also expect general knowledge questions related to environment, climate change and theme of the respective year’s NEO. Check the syllabus and sample questions to do well. At least 50% questions are analytical in nature i.e. you have to understand and use reasoning to solve the question.

The question will be in English.

After making through the divisional round, toppers from each division participate in the Green Day Training (GDT). GDT is a specially designed workshop to impart understanding of interconnected environmental issues through interactive games, puzzles, simulations, etc. It also helps young citizens develop their leadership skills and instill motivation to act on tackling the local and global environmental issues. The overarching goal of the GDT is to create a nationwide network of empowered young citizens who will act as a catalyst to bring about positive socio-economic and environmental change.

Those who successfully complete the GDT, are recognised as a NEO Alum and receive a certificate of completion.

IESO is the International Earth Science Olympiad, an annual competition for secondary school students (students not older than 19 years as of the time of the Olympiad). The students have to test their skills in all major areas of Earth sciences, including geology, meteorology, hydrology, planetary science and environmental sciences. The official language of IESO is English; however, supervisors may translate the written examinations and related materials into the participants’ native language.

Top finishers of NEO get a chance to train for and participate in the IESO.

There will be certificates of recognition for 25-30 toppers of each division in the national round and those who complete the GDT.

There is an IESO team selection process right after the national round.


Divisional Round will be held on December 19, 2020  BST.

This year the exams and GDT will take place online.

Any eligible candidate can register online till the exam begins by clicking the “Register Now” button below. To avoid any last minute technical problems, we strongly encourage you to complete the registration by December 18, 2020.

Divisional Round
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The Organizer

Bangladesh Youth Environmental Initiative (BYEI) is set up to educate, empower and inspire the Bangladeshi youth to take action for a prosperous and just Bangladesh. We believe that a new generation of planetary stewards with consciousness, capacity and motivation to act can transform the vision of a more just, fair and sustainable Bangladesh into a reality.

Supported by

The Embassy of France in Bangladesh


Strategic, Knowledge and Outreach Partners

Department of Geology, University of Dhaka

International Centre for Climate Change and Development

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