Bangladesh Youth for Environmental Initiatives (BYEI) is thrilled to celebrate its 14th-year anniversary, which has coincide with the National Earth Olympiad Reception Ceremony. This momentous event has taken place at American Center, marking a significant milestone in BYEI’s journey towards empowering youth and promoting environmental stewardship.

Founded in 2009, BYEI has remained steadfast in its mission to educate, inspire, and engage young minds in environmental conservation. Over the past 14 years, the organization has emerged as a leading force in nurturing environmental leaders and fostering sustainable practices. The anniversary celebration serves as a testament to BYEI’s unwavering commitment to build a more just, fair and resilient Bangladesh through nurturing enlightened young leaders and active citizens.

Photo: U.S. Embassy in Bangladesh, Dhaka

The highlight of this extraordinary event has been the National Earth Olympiad Award Ceremony, an annual competition that recognizes outstanding achievements in environmental education and knowledge practice. 25 National Round toppers from schools and colleges across the nation have joined the remarkable event. In the award ceremony, they were recognized for their endeavors.

“We are delighted to reach this significant milestone in our journey,” said Shamir Shehab, the CO-founder of BYEI. “Critical understanding and knowledge on environmental issues are important. So for the last 14 years, we’ve been working to increase the capacity in terms of knowledge and skills of the young people.” The National Earth Olympiad Reception Ceremony is an opportunity to recognize the remarkable efforts of young environmental enthusiasts and empower them to continue making a positive impact on our planet.”

Photo: U.S. Embassy in Bangladesh, Dhaka

The event has featured distinguished guests, including Deputy Chief of Mission Helen LaFave, Deputy British High Commissioner Matt Cannell who have delivered inspiring speeches and engage in thought-provoking discussions with NEO toppers.

As part of the anniversary celebrations, BYEI has also unveiled their plans for the future, outlining a new program named Earth 360° that will further expand their reach and amplify their impacts. Among other BYEI’s existing programs – Earth Champions Program (ECP), Green Skills Program (GSP), and Earth Policy Dialogue, include innovative educational campaigns, collaborative projects with local communities, and advocacy efforts to raise awareness about critical environmental issues.

Photo: U.S. Embassy in Bangladesh, Dhaka

The BYEI 14th Anniversary and National Earth Olympiad Reception Ceremony has been a truly unforgettable event, encapsulating the spirit of youth-driven environmental stewardship.

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