The Earth 360° is an annual festival of arts that brings both amateur and professional visual storytellers to present thought-provoking ideas on environmental issues. It aims to spread awareness and build consciousness among the wider population about the impending 'Triple Planetary Crisis' and inspire collective actions for a sustainable future.

Competition Categories

Kids of age up to 15 years

Open to all

(Junior Section)

Participants of age Up to 30 Years

(Senior Section)

Participants from age 31 years and above

Open to all


River and Riverine Lives

If you’re intrigued by the state of our rivers and want to showcase their beauty while highlighting the harm to culture, livelihoods, and ecosystems due to their decline, here’s your chance. Express your emotions and capture the stories of riparian lives through the mediums of  drawing, photography, digital art, and Video films.

Drawing Competition

Digital Art Competition

Photography Competition

Video Film Competition

Independent Photographer, Photo Editor and Educator

Cartoonist, Writer and Editor of Unmad

Filmmaker and Educator

Munem Wasif

Documentary Photographer

Andrew Biraj


Manosh Chowdhury

Anthropologist, Writer

Unleash your artistic talents!

Deadline: Dec 31, 2023

Extended Deadline: Jan 3, 2024

Program Details


Oct - Dec, 2023

Accepting Submissions

Digital Arts, Photographs, Short Films, Documentaries, Vlogs. Deadline: Dec 31, 2023


Submissions will be shortlisted and presented to the Panel of Jury for selection

Official Selection Announcement

Selected entries will be announced and selected participants will be invited to the fest

5-Day Fest

Feb, 2024

On Spot Drawing Competition

Registered kids will take part in the on-spot drawing competition

Artwork icons created by surang - Flaticon

Day-Long Exhibitions

Selected Drawings, Digital Arts and Photographs will be publicly exhibited in a gallery

Film & Vlog Screenings

Multiple screening slots will be there each day during the fest for selected films & vlogs

Talks & Panel Discussions

Experts and Activists will be invited in multiple panel discussions in front of registered audience on the issue of River and Arts


Who is eligible to participate?

Drawing Competition – Participants of age up to 15 years
Digital Art Competition – Open to all
Photography (Junior Sections) – Participants of age up to 30 years
Photography (Senior Sections) – Participants from age 31 years and above
Video Films – Open to all

Are there any entry fees?

No categories have entry fees.

Can I submit multiple entries?

A participant can submit a maximum of 3 entries per category except for the Drawing Competition.

What will be the judging criteria?

A panel of judges, typically experts in the respective creative field, will evaluate the entries based on criteria such as creativity, relevance to the theme, technical skill, and overall impact. Winners will be selected based on these evaluations.

Can I choose a story of riverside people or a community as a subject / topic?

Yes, however you must articulate the correlation between the river and the people’s lives in the story of your submission i.e. art, photography and video film.

Can I make a VLOG in the point of view only i.e. without showing my face?

Yes you can. As long as your VLOG reflects a clear understanding of the thematic spectrum of river and riverine lives, it’ll be admissible.

Regarding the short film, can there be a team of two or three participants?

You may team up to make your film. But the submission has to be submitted by the director. All the other credits should be mentioned in the credit field of the submission form.

Are people from other countries eligible to submit entries?

Participants from different countries are eligible. However, the entries have to be Bangladesh’s river-oriented.

Where can I find the competition guidelines and submission details?

Read the competition guidelines here.

Read the disclaimers here.

Please make sure to review these guidelines thoroughly before submitting your entry.

What should be the subject / topic of my submission (Art / Photograph / Video Film)?

Your submission i.e. Art, Photograph, Video Film should be made around this year’s theme ‘River and Riverine Lives’.

Can I choose river pollution / water pollution as a subject / topic?

Yes, the topic has to resonate with the theme ‘River and Riverine Lives’. As long as your  submission i.e. art, photography and video film reflects a clear understanding of the thematic spectrum, it’ll be admissible.

How can I contact the competition organizers if I have additional questions?

If you have questions or queries that are not answered satisfactorily on the website, please write to us at programs[AT]

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