Outreach Partner Program for Earth 360°

Bangladesh Youth Environmental Initiative (BYEI) cordially invites school, college, and university clubs to join us as outreach partners for our annual creative arts competition, Earth 360°. This year’s theme, ‘River and Riverine Lives’, invites submissions in four categories: Drawing, Digital Art, Photography, and Video Film.

The Earth 360° competition aims to create awareness of environmental problems and highlight potential solutions. The competition is followed by an exhibition that aims to sensitize and inform the larger population about the severity of the planetary crisis and raise consciousness for urgent actions.

As an outreach partner, your club will be responsible for promoting the event among students, both in the campus area and on social media platforms. We are open to any other promotional strategies that your club may have.

Benefits of being an outreach partner

  • Collaborate with one of the leading youth environmental organizations in Bangladesh.
  • Partner with multiple stakeholders.
  • Be recognized and highlighted as one of our outreach partners.
  • Receive a cordial invitation to our exhibition.
  • Network and build partnerships with other organizations.


To become an outreach partner, please fill out the following registration form. We’ll contact you after a brief review.