Young Unheard Voices for Action On Climate Change

YUVA (Young Unheard Voices for Action) on Climate Change - the project aims to Build cross-border Youth Coalitions for Climate Action on waters and linked ecosystems in two critically important biospheres of South Asia, viz. the transboundary delta system of the Sunderbans (India-Bangladesh) and the transboundary river system of Manas (India-Bhutan).

Theme for This Year

River and Water Commons

Bengal was known for its abundance of lush green forests and rivers. The gigantic rivers with the multicolor sail of boats were the central themes of many poems and art in the region. The small villages that were inhabited along the banks of crisscrossing rivers were the picturesque epitome that defined Bengal. Our culture, folklore and food habits are inextricably linked to our riverine culture. It is the river that brings precious silts from across the globe to make our land one of the most fertile lands in the world. But unfortunately, our economic and socio-political paradigm has devastated this paradise. 


Even during independence in 1971, Bangladesh had about 1200 rivers and rivulets. But the sad reality is that most of these rivers have now fallen prey to industrial pollution, illegal encroachments, landfills, drying due to transboundary water issues, etc. Even the 57 rivers with international transboundary are tottering particularly in the dry seasons.  The gigantic rivers such as Turag, Shitalakhya, and Korotoa have turned into small lakes. Bangladesh has turned from “Abde Jannat” (Nation of Paradise) to “Durjog Probon Desh” (nation of calamities). 


What is the situation of our rivers today? What is the condition of the people who were historically dependent on rivers? 


If the situation of our rivers arouses your creative and intellectual energy and you want to capture the ethereal beauty of our rivers and/or the man-made destruction to the culture, livelihoods, ecosystem due to the destruction of our rivers. This is your chance to exhibit your emotion about rivers through photography, animation, short films, and drawing and get recognized and awarded.