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  • Participants agree to abide by the Safeguarding Code of Conduct and policies of the British Council & ActionAid Bangladesh and all rules and regulations of the program during the entire program period, including participation in any program component. 
  • The Safeguarding Code of Conduct of the British Council is available at Safeguarding Code of Conduct, the Safeguarding Policy of the British Council is available at Safeguarding Policy – British Council, and the safeguarding policy of ActionAid Bangladesh is available at Safeguarding Policy – ActionAid.
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  • BYEI and its partners are strongly dedicated to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion. Read our full Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) statement at EDI – BYEI.
  • If selected, participants must be available to travel to Khulna for the bootcamp scheduled to take place in the first week of February 2024. The bootcamp is fully funded, and travel expenses for participants from outside Khulna will be covered. Only the team leader (who is also the applicant) will be allowed to attend the bootcamp.
  • BYEI and its partners reserve the full right to select or disqualify any application without providing any explanation.
  • Participants may be disqualified if found to breach the Safeguarding Policies or any other rules and regulations of the program.
  • BYEI and its partners reserve the right to make changes to the program schedule, activities, or any other aspect deemed necessary, with or without prior notice.


Accelerating Green Innovation through Youth Entrepreneurship (AGIYE) is an acceleration program seeking green, innovative business ideas that can contribute to protecting both life and nature while addressing climate mitigation and adaptation. 


With funding & advisory support from the British Council and implementation support from ActionAid Bangladesh, Bangladesh Youth Environment Initiative (BYEI) is inviting applications from young people to support their green business ideas. 


The best ideas will receive comprehensive technical and financial support to turn the ideas into real businesses or develop or scale them up further.


A team can submit up to 3 business ideas, but only one idea per team will be considered for the next stage.

Age: Open to individuals 18-35 years from all across Bangladesh.


Education: There is no educational requirements.


Qualities: Strong commitment with a go-getter and entrepreneurial mindset who can operationalise a business.


Business ideas: Ideas should focus on addressing the needs of people in climate-vulnerable communities and delivering benefits to them



Guiding principles for ideas:  The business ideas should be in the idea or piloting stage and should ideally be:


  • Climate Sensitive: Benefits those on the front lines of climatic impacts.
  • Innovative: Must have unique features in the business model, product, service, or cooperative structure.
  • Ecologically Sustainable: Positive environmental impact, reducing pollution, strengthening climate resilience, or conserving biodiversity.
  • Scientifically Proven: Ideas must be rooted in tested scientific foundations or proven business models aligned with community socio-economic culture.
  • Agro-ecology inputs and technology
  • Zero-waste sustainable materials in construction, packaging, electronics, etc.
  • Green Service Innovations e.g. organic gardening service, eco-tourism, environmental training etc.
  • Green Business Aggregation models such as small retail with cooperatives of farmers on native crops, poultry, livestock, trees, nuts, oil seeds, etc.
Ideas that have the following attributes will not be considered:
  • Unsustainable Materials: Plastic, metal or polythene recycling is discouraged as it incentivizes the continuation of unsustainable materials.
  • Extractive Nature of Business: Synthetic chemicals or fossil fuel businesses such as inorganic agriculture, intensive poultry, livestock, and fisheries are highly carbon intensive and pollute the environment, so they are discouraged
  • Foreign Cloud Technologies: Business Ideas using Artificial Intelligence, Apps, and IoT are generally discouraged unless the ownership belongs to low-income agri/aqua/poultry/livestock producers and is highly user-friendly.
  • Luxury and Harmful Products: Luxury products, such as expensive jewellery and cosmetics, and any products that have a highly negative ecological, public health, or environmental footprint, such as fast food, processed food, leather goods, and shrimp farming.
  • Uniqueness and Innovation (15% Weight): Unique approaches to addressing context-specific climatic, environmental, economic and social problems.
  • Socio-economic and Environmental Impact  (25% Weight): Demonstration of a clean pathway towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions and any other toxic pollutants, and ideas having strong ownership and engagement of climate-vulnerable communities.
  • Business Viability (30% weight): Potentiality to generate economic returns to sustain livelihoods and reach break-even points.
  • Commitment (10% Weight): Having existing investment, sunk costs or recognised institutional affiliation for the implementation of the business idea. 
  • Entrepreneurship Capacity (20% Weight): Demonstration of skills and lived experience in addressing climatic, environmental, economic and social problems


  • Applications will go through an initial screening. The shortlisted participants will then have interviews as part of the selection process. The final 20 participants for the bootcamp will be selected based on both the applications and the interviews.
  • If any application is identified to have been copied from other participants or external sources, it will be promptly rejected.
  • For team submissions, if different team members submit various business ideas, only one idea will be chosen for evaluation.

To learn more about AGIYE 2.0, please visit

Early deadline: 23 January 2024

Final deadline: 30 January 2024

For any additional inquiries, you may contact us at [email protected].