BYEI Research Initiative is the research wing of Bangladesh Youth Environmental Initiative, developed to involve youths in research on environmental challenges and opportunities in Bangladesh.

We aim to build the research skills of BYEI affiliates, build awareness of environmental issues through research, and build our voice to engage in environmental debates in Bangladesh. Our research initiative contributes to BYEI broader goals and objectives to disseminate knowledge, raise awareness, and promote positive actions and policies.


Goals and Objectives

  • Build the knowledge and expertise of Bangladeshi youth to become leaders on environmental issues
  • Expose young researchers to methodologies,including action research, that can be used to solve environmental problems
  • Spread awareness on environmental challenges
  • Share research outcomes, through a quarterly publication, online forums and workshops
  • Share youth perspectives
  • Engage in broader research debates and discussions
  • Contribute to evidence-based policy dialogue
  • Partner with professional organizations and NGOs to engage in meaningful research
  • Become a source of high-quality information for youth and students


Research Areas

  • Environmental Movements
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Private Sector and the Environment
  • Climate Change and the Impacts on Bangladesh
  • Social Impact of Climate Change and Environmental Degradation
  • Domestic Pollution Reduction and Waste Management
  • Sustainable Technologies
  • Options for Adaptation and Mitigation
  • Policy and International Efforts


Current Research Projects

  • International Youth Environment Movements: What motivates us, and what unites us?
  • Environmental Struggles in Developing Countries: What lessons are there for Bangladesh?
  • Small-scale Renewable Energy in Bangladesh: Where are we now and where are we going?
  • Environmental Disaster and Climate Change Induced Migration in Bangladesh