Besides our regular programs, BYEI have undertaken many programs and events in the past to involve and increase awareness among the wider population. Some of our past projects included –

Bangladesh Celebrates Earth Hour
March 31, 2012 

Earth hour 2012 was a token symbol of resource conservation through turning off electricity for one hour. Earth hour was promoted by WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) which is usually held on the last Saturday of March annually. From 2007, Earth hour has expanded from 2.2 million people in Sydney to an estimate of 5 million people world
In spite of the widespread power cuts in Bangladesh which makes this one hour power shut almost comical to the general mass. BYEI decided to take the stance for energy conservation and promoted Earth Hour in Bangladesh.  All the members and stakeholders of BYEI turned off electricity from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm local in 31st March 2012.


ECP Field Trip
March, 2012 

The ECP field trip was part of the Earth Champions Program curriculum to illustrate the fellows of ECP the nature of environmental degradation through on-site visit of an industrial area which is causing enormous pollution. The ECP fellows along with the teaching stuffs of ECP visited the BurigongaRiver and its proximate tannery industries. The ECP fellows expressed their shock and dismay upon the visiting the site as the volume of waste generated and fate of the life near the vicinities of the river is of extreme pathos.




South Asian Youth Environment Meet 2011
November, 2011 

South Asian Youth Environment Meet (SAYEM) 2011 supported by the US Department of State and The American Center, US Embassy, Dhaka was  held in Dhaka, Bangladesh from 18th to 20th November. SAYEM 2011 convened some of the most promising and talented young leaders from the region along with leading experts, academicians, researchers, policymakers, government representatives of Bangladesh to create a strong platform intended for knowledge sharing and views exchanging, experience gathering, decision making in the field of environment and sustainable development. At the end of the conference the youth leaders produced a document titled ‘SAYEM 2011 Dhaka Declaration- South Asian Youth Call to World Leaders’ which has been sent to policymakers and other relevant stakeholders.


Celebrating Victory  Through Volunteerism 2011
December, 2011 

In the year 2011, BYEI was the primary event organizer of CVTV along with taking part in the program. As a part of CVTV program, the SUST Chapter of BYEI arranged free blood grouping in cooperation with Rotaract Club of Sylhet Central SOMC on 16th December which took place in Madinamarket, Sylhet from 9.00am to 12.30 and later on the same day,they accomplished winter clothes distribution for free among all about200 underprivileged people of Sylhet.




Celebrating Victory Though Volunteerism 2010
December, 2011 

Every year BYEI participates in the signature program of CommunityAction called celebrating victory through volunteerism (CVTV) with the participation of several other organizations in commemoration of the National Victory Day. CVTV unites a range of other youth organization into the noble cause of doing something for the unprivileged. The essence of this program is to exhibit real acts of patriotism in the eve of victory day rather than the traditional perfunctory celebration.




Campaign for Green Champion on 10.10.10
October, 2010 

The global 10-10-10 an ambitious project to unite every sector of society behind one simple idea: cutting our carbon by 10% a year starting from 10-10-2010 which is one of the few programs in which every country in the world became a participatory member.

BYEI is the only organization in Bangladesh to have joined the campaign. The BYEI was successful in reaching about half a dozen thousands of young minds of different universities across Dhaka, namely in NSU, BRAC, JU and DU through distributing 3000 informative brochures through one to one interaction with participants. A total of 100 brilliant young minds were picked up who interacted with more than 2000 individuals across the different university campuses to explain the participants about the significance of the 10-10 global campaign and elucidated to them the basic principals they need to follow the cherished goal of reducing the level of carbon emission to even lower than 10%

 Finally the participants in the program shared their thoughts and ideas about the global carbon emission in a large banner, the selected messages of this banner were submitted in the COP 16 summit in Mexico, to materialize the thoughts of the young minds into the policy tables of the global leaders.


Climate Change Seminar at Khulna University and Khustia Islamic University
December, 2009 

Climate Change is surely the most challenging issues in the current world for environmental security and sustainability, and the youth should lead to address the challenge with their leadership qualities, knowledge and trustworthy capabilities.

With an aim at sharing knowledge and motivating the youth to take the climate challenges, two seminars were arranged by BYEI at Khulna University and Khustia Islamic University on December 2009 on the topics “Understanding Climate Change and Youth Engagement to Address the Environmental Challenges” with the slogan “Climate Change: Know the Challenge, Lead the Action”


Exchange of Views with Local Youths of Cox’s Bazar
September 2010 

Scientists estimate that if the current rate of sea level rising continues then one-quarter of the total land of Bangladesh will go under water, which probes the vulnerability of the country due to climate change and global warming. Since the coastal zones are highly at risks, why we thought that we should talk with the local youths on—what are environmental concerns for Cox’z Bazar, how it will affect them, & what role actually they can play to protect our national resource and pride “ The Cox’s Bazar”.

Keeping that in mind- BYEI Coastal Cleanup Volunteer Team had an “Exchange of Views” with thirty seven (37) talented and highly potential local youths mostly child journalist working with different Org. like National Children Task Force (NCTF), ShishuProkash, Child Parliament, Cox’z Bazar, on “Environmental Challenges for Bangladesh especially for Coastal region like Cox’s Bazar & Youth Empowerment to address those Challenges”. We were totally thrilled by the spirit, enthusiasm, and dedication of these local young minds to work for the cause of a better environment.


IRP Meeting 2010
August, 2010 

The Institutional Representative Meeting (IRP) is the annual meeting of the current BYEI member from different universities. The agenda of this meeting entails close networking of the BYEI members across different institutions and across the entire nation. The meeting also includes open dialogue by the members of the BYEI with the participation of all the executive members of BYEI. In October 2010 the first IRP meeting was held in TSC center of Dhaka University. The dialogue in the 2010 IRP meet brought various forward looking aspect of work for BYEI including focus on energy security, extraction from developed countries for the damages caused by global warming and other cross functional environmental issues.