• Learning and Training: Training methods include lectures, small group exercises, role play simulations, debates, case studies, public speaking and presentations. The participants will be imparted basic education, understanding and knowledge on interconnected environmental issues which includes, but not limited to, ecology, biodiversity, climate change, global warming, pollution, renewable energy, eco-friendly practices, etc. 
  • Collaborative Projects: The curriculum is enhanced by field trips to places of environmental importance that showcase different environmental problems and challenges.  Later, the participants are guided to design their own project ideas addressing those challenges and implement it.
  • Leading: Each of the participants will form an Environmental Club in their respective school/college and carry out environmental awareness activities under that club.
What ECP Includes:
      • Five-day long Earth Camp to provide training, workshop, and lecture facilitated by experts.
      • 24 hours intensive and interactive classes on the weekends providing leadership training, project development and management skills, event planning tools, and more comprehensive understanding on environmental issues.
      • Implementation of community based environmental project.
      • Formation of Environmental Club in participant’s respective school/college and carrying out environmental awareness program under that club.