Adity Shayontony Das

Adity Shayontony Das is a Student of Sunshine Grammar School and College.Her school was the first place where she learned to dream,not only for her but also for the people around her.She is always interested in extracurricular activities- from music to community service. She loves to explore in all the sectors. She is a member of the Community Service Club of her school, and volunteered in many projects under the club. After joining ECP, Adity got an opportunity to meet many talented minds. This gave her a new boost for dreaming a better future. She is planning to open an education program for slum people, and she is interested in teaching the slum children who are currently a part of SUNSHINE CHARITIES. She loves acting and was selected as a Zone 3 Acting Champion under Marks All-rounder 1.Adity is a science student and is fascinated with Genetic Engineering. Apart from all this, she loves to talk and strongly believes that communication can shatter the wall between communities and togetherness and is a great weapon to fight all types of problems. ECP program created a platform for her as she believes it will be one of the main reason behind her future success. By the help of ECP she successfully formed an environment club in her institution which can play a major role in the improvement in her community.

Ahmed Shafquat Hassan

Ahmed Shafquat Hassan is the average 11th grader. Currently he’s doing his A-levels on 5 subjects with special interest in Physics, Law and Economics. Before he came to ECP he worked as a volunteer on a lot of different projects and worked with CommunityAction and 1 degree initiative closely. He has also been in project designing competitions and various science competitions, namely; OGGRO’s “the apprentice” project and National School Theoretical Science Competition. He believes in the power of the people and wants to make his way into politics through the Bangladeshi legal practices. He is also currently the President of his School Community Service and Environment Club and is also a celebrated member of the Sunnydale Debate Club, currently holding the Champion title for the Summerfield debate festival. Shafquat enjoys being a debater and he plans on staying associated with the BDC for as long as possible. Currently Shafquat is trying to design a project promoting the idea of Youth empowerment through the government to overcome local problems. Finally, he was also a member of the Mastermind Writer’s club during his days at the school. Even now Shafquat tends to send a few columns to the English papers.

C. M. Ridwan Sazid

Sazid is currently studying in Chittagong Cantonment Public College in class XI. Before coming to ECP he was the school leader of Chittagong Cantonment Public College. Right now he is working as the President of CCPC Club . He is also the college leader of his institution and has also joined BNCC. Sajid’s academic achievement has been very good from a very early age as he has the recipient of a scholarship both in class V and class VIII. He carried his achievement event further and stood 3rd place in SSC examination from Chittagong Board. He likes to read article on environmental issues. Sajid’s is aim in life is to become an environmental engineer.

Erena Khan Mumu

Erena Khan Mumu is currently a student or Dhaka City College. Before coming to the EARTH CHAMPIONS PROGRAM (ECP) she was vice president of school science club (AURKO) . She was also a active member of her school’s debating club, quiz club and cultural club. Other than that she was involved in organizing many inter school competitions and events under the clubs. Right now she is working under a social organization HANS which is working to create awareness among the people about autism. She is also a volunteer of the organization HELLO. She is a student of science group and her aim is to do something which benefits the society. As she is a fellow of ECP now, she is thinking to do something for a better environment. Her personal interest includes singing, debating and visiting different places.

Fahtiha Nasreen

Fahtiha Nasreen is currently studying at Viqarunnisa Noon College in 12th class. She along her schoolmate and ECP Fellow Nousheen Zoarder are jointly working for advancing Viqarunnisa Noon Earth Club.She is also working on her project “Vermicomposting”,an ECP action project funded by the American Center,Dhaka.She used to be the lead striker and vice captain of the Handball teams of two of her former schools.She was also the general secretary of debating club of her school.She is uncertain about her goal. She likes to watch movies, read books and play tennis during leisure.She holds interest in sports, public speaking ,astronomy, meta-physics, film making and has unconditional love for music. She tries her best to help people whenever she can.

Humaira Zara

Humaira has recently completed her ‘A’ levels from Cider International School, Chittagong. She has always been involved in her academics rather than extracurricular activities so ECP was a totally new experience for her. Before coming to ECP she was just a normal student who was not very concerned about the environment in which she lives.ECP has been a very influential experience for her. She learnt how to protect the environment and ECP has also helped her improve her communication skills. She is currently working on introducing an environmental club in her former school. Apart from her interest in environmental issues she is involved in various volunteering programs. She is determined to complete her higher studies and do something that is related to her studies and environment friendly as well.

Md. Shahreer Zahan

Shahreer Zahan is currently studying in Saint Joseph High School in Grade XI. Before coming to ECP he was involved with his school’s Science Club and Debating Club. Other than that he is involved in Quizzing and Olympiads. Being an International level quizzer, he is currently holding 18th position in the World Quizzing Championship (Under 20 Years Category). He is a National Level winner of Astronomy and Science Olympiad and Quiz Competitions. He was also a member of Bangladesh team for the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics (IOAA). He has established an environmental club on his school named Josephite Eco Earth Club. Right now he is working on extending the school’s environment club. He has strong interest in Music, Biology and Environmental Studies.

Nafis Jalil

Nafis Jalil is a student from International School Dhaka, an IB World School. With a group of friends and an enthusiastic teacher, Nafis co-founded The Greenies, ISD’s first environmental club. He participated in the Earth Champions Program following the formation of his club. In the community-based design component of ECP, Nafis proposed an inter-school Olympiad styled quiz competition in environmental sciences. Following support from BYEI and ECP members the concept developed into the 1st National Earth Olympiad 2012 and Nafis served as a Project Coordinator of NEO.

Nafis’ other involvements have included initiating Solar Bottle Lighting Project with The Greenies. Nafis also served as President of his school’s Student Representative Council and actively pursued Model United Nations debating through conferences in Dhaka and Beijing. His project design on global climate change observation network won him a place at Technology Academy Finland Millennium Youth Camp 2012. Other international experiences include a scholarship participation at the IB World Student Conference 2012 UBC Vancouver and a weeklong ecological expedition to a Malaysian coral island with his school.

Nafis says he wishes to pursue studies in environments from an engineering perspective. He adds that he tries to have a pragmatic approach to solving technical problems in consideration to social issues. In his leisure Nafis pursues reading literature, photography and running.

Nazmun Nahar

Nazmun Nahar is currently a student of Rajuk Uttara Model College. Before coming to Earth Champions Program (ECP) she was just a normal student who didn’t take much part in extra curricular activities. But she volunteered for the school club ‘Ongkuron’. She always wanted to do something for the society and its people but never got the opportunity. Now, thanks to ECP she is trying to form an environmental club in her institution and benefit the society even if it is through the smallest possible way. Other than this, she loves to teach young kids which she does in her spare time. She is a Business student and her aim is to work in any industry or organization which benefits the society. She also wishes to create awareness among the business sectors regarding environment, controlling carbon footprint and waste management. She thinks she’s learning more and more about better environment through books, internet search and her personal exposure to the outside world. This along with her academic background in business will help her to build a better future for Bangladesh. Her personal interest includes reading and staying home with her family.

Nousheen Zoarder

Nousheen Zoarder is a student of Viqarunnisa Noon College. She passed her SSC examination from the same institution in 2011. She worked for the Debate club, English Language, Science club and the Cultural club of her school. Before being an ECP Fellow, she worked with a small charitable group, “Let’s be by their side”. Now, she is one of the two founders and club coordinators of the Viqarunnisa Noon Earth Club. She is working with Gravitas-Docufilms on the making of a documentary on the impact of climate change in vulnerable countries like Bangladesh. She plans on starting an adult literacy center and a day school for underprivileged children. This center would impart the basic skills of literacy that are, reading and writing in the mother tongue, Bangla and basic arithmetic. She also has a vision of organizing a local handicraft fair to fundraise for different charitable causes. She sees herself as a budding journalist in the next 10 years. Spending time with her friends and family, watching sitcoms and reading are among her favorite pass times.

Pranto Anondomoy

Pranto is currently studying in EUHSS (Engineering University Higher Secondary School) in class 11. Before coming to Earth Champions Program (ECP) he was just an average student looking for a way to help the environment and the people around him. He used to be the assistant general secretary of his former school’s science club. Now, thanks to ECP he is trying to form an environmental club in his institution and benefit the society even if it is through the smallest possible way. He always keeps his eye open for environmental issues and is always ready to lend his hand when someone is in need. Because of his enthusiasm and door-to-door campaigns, the landlords of his neighborhood are disposing their garbage in a specific place, rather than dumping the trash on the streets. Besides that, he is working to make the garbage van of Dhaka City Corporation circle around twice instead of once every day. He is a science student and his goal is to work for the UNEP as an environmental engineer. Other than this, he likes to read books, play music, make sketches, write stories, collect coins, sightseeing and he absolutely loves photography.

Prianka Ball

Prianka is currently studying in Greenherald in class 12 . Before coming to ECP she was the editor of her school’s Science Club’s editor of the monthly newsletter and the president of Greenherald Community Service Club. Right now she is working on extending the school’s environment club-GreenWorld Earth Club to class 11 and class 12. She is volunteering as the Outreach Team Leader for the Capacity Building Team of the United Nations Commission for Sustainable Development (UN CSD) Major Group of Children and Youth (MGCY) to improve the participation of young people in the protection of the environment and the promotion of economic and social development at all levels for the upcoming RIO +20. She has also attended UNYSAB National Youth Summit where she was involved in discussions regarding green economy in the context of sustainable development and poverty eradication. Other than her interests in environmental issues she is also volunteering as an ambassador to spread the message of mass education by working with The Hunger Project.

Rakin Muhtadi

Rakin Muhtadi is an A level student of European Standard School in Dhanmondi. Throughout his life, he has been a competitive student, as well as very shy in others’ company. He first volunteered for a foundation working for physically challenged people of Bangladesh. Since then, he has never looked back, and now volunteers in whatever free time he can manage. He thinks it’s not just doing work for good causes but also an opportunity for meeting genuine people who care about the country. After going back from the ECP camp, however, he has been actively participating in school activities like organizing painting competitions, holding quizzes, and most importantly forming an environmental club at his school. Gathering members and finding out how to make this club as effective as possible are his most primary concerns. Rakin collaborates with his key club members- the treasurer, vice president, as well as his vice-principal to ensure that his club is a successful one. He loves chess, photography, and being with his friends.

Sadaf Sumaya Khan Tahiti

Sadaf Sumyia Khan Tahiti is presently studying in Chittagong Govt Women’s College in higher secondary level. She completed her S.S.C from Dr. Khastagir Govt. Girls’ High School. Before coming to E.C.P. she was not so involved with environmental issues. Because of her keen interest on environment, she was involved with tree plantation program in her school. Her hobby is to read books and paint. She was a member of Bisshoshahitto Kendro from class 6 to class 9.Tahiti also loves singing. Other than receiving more than 80 prizes in art and singing in divisional level competitions, here is a list of her most important achievement-bronze medal in Shangkar International Art Competition, credit of special mention on Anti-Corruption Cartoon Competition organized by Tranperency International Bangladesh, gold medal in Bangabandhu Shishu Shahitto, Shangskritik and Art Competition, was in the top 20 in Surf Excel Painting Carnival,3rd prize in Tagore song in
Shaplakuri organized by Zia Shishu Academy, one of the finalist in Notun Kuri from 2002 to 2005.She used to write articles on different issues in her school magazines. Tahiti’s article was also published in the magazine of British Council. At present ,she is working to set up an environment club at her college.

Shudipto Biswas

Shudipto Biswas is currently a student of UHSS (Udoyon Higher Secondary School).When he was in school he was involved in many extracurricular activities- quiz competitions, taking part in school plays etc. He was always one of the leading personalities in arranging any kind of programs in the school .He loves to see himself as a leader because he knows he has the ability to lead the way. That attitude made him become an ECP fellow.ECP helped him a lot in making him understand the problems and find the solutions. ECP truly improved his leadership skills. Recently he had the environment club formed in his college and it is going very well so far.He want to improve the current state of the environment for the next generation. He really wishes to become the Prime Minister of Bangladesh one day so that he can show the world how excellent our people and our land is.He loves music, guitar, sleep, hanging around with friends, etc.

Zahidur Rahman

Zahid is currently studying in RAJUK Uttara Model College in class 12 . Before coming to ECP, he worked as a Peer Educator in Drug Restraint Education which was a joint program of PIACT Bangladesh, Ministry of Health Affairs of Government of Bangladesh and Save The Children, USA. Other than that he was involved in many other extra-curricular activities like debate, quiz and speech. Right now he is working on founding the college’s first environment club- RUMC Earth Club with the full support of his fellow classmates. The target of the club is to introduce a platform to the students to practice their environmental leadership. In his free time, his best friends are books. He tries to read some literature too. It’s his habit to keep a close eye on international affairs to act as a good citizen of our mother earth .He is a very simple person. Might have about him a different perception about him when you see him for the first time but if you can get to know how he is, you will find that he is very good friend indeed.