The [ e360°] Photo Competition is an environmentally focused photography exhibition aimed at creating awareness of environmental problems and to highlight potential solutions.

The second e360° Photo Exhibition is a parallel event with the prestigious CBA7: 7th International Conference on Community-based Adaptation. The first e360° Photo Exhibition was convened in parallel with the South Asian Youth Environment Meet 2011. This year the photo exhibition is set to be graced by 200+ global climate change experts and development professionals coming to the CBA7 from around the world.

Selected photographs will be showcased in a photo exhibition at EMK Center on April 25, 2013 from 10:00am to 5:30pm and will be open to the public. The winning photographers will be awarded prizes and recognized in an award ceremony.

PHOTO CATEGORIES include but not limited to:

  •  I’ll save you – Photos of extinct/near extinct animals
  • It’s a new day – A photo that describes a greener tomorrow
  • Don’t do it – A photo that describes something harmful to the environment
  • Sustainability – A photo that captures the essence of sustainability
  • Why don’t we all start today – A photo that describes what people can do to make a better tomorrow
  • Natural Beauty – A snapshot that catches the unseen beauty of nature
  •  Wrath of mother nature – A photo of the destruction caused by cyclone or flood
  • Any photograph that highlights – climate change, global warming, biodiversity, conservation, energy, public health issues, pollution are also welcomed.

Before you submit photo to the e360° Photo Exhibition, we suggest you to read the submission guideline and policy. You may also take a look at our judging policy.

Please submit your photos through the ONLINE PHOTO SUBMISSION FORM.