BYEI University Chapters

BYEI university members have established independent BYEI Chapters in their respective University campuses named as BYEIx Chapter. Chapters are seeking to raise awareness in their university campuses, and engage students in events, actions and research. Actions have included speaking events and workshops, field trips, cleaning beaches and lakes, essay competitions and tree plantation. If you would like to launch a Chapter in your university, please email us your interest at [email protected]

Earth Club Network

BYEI has established around thirty Earth Clubs in high schools in Dhaka, Chittagong, and Khulna under its signature Earth Champions Program. Earth Clubs are working as independent student run body in their respective school and colleges. They undertake regular environmental awareness and training programs in which BYEI provide technical and other necessary support. If you are interested to open an Earth Club in your school/college, apply for our Earth Champions Program.

International Student Network

The International Student Network (ISN) of BYEI is the global connecting platform with the foreign residing members of BYEI. The primary objective of this network is to connect the diasporas of foreign residing BYEI members to actively engage with the ongoing activities of BYEI. The international student members can contribute in different capacities starting from fund raising to promoting the causes of Bangladesh in their respective university campuses.
The ISN is also intended to act as strong consultative network to accommodate diverse sets of working ideas which the student can share from their experience in abroad. Most of the international students within the ISN are residing in economically developed countries and have exposure to innovative solution to multifarious environmental problems. The ISN network seeks to refine those ideas with the consultative support of the international students and promote them for solving the domestic environmental problems of Bangladesh.

If you would like to become a BYEI-ISN Ambassador, send us your resume and a letter of interest at [email protected]